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Lyndsay Moseley

by Anna Hartge

Lyndsay MoseleyLyndsay Moseley is a creative, energetic and passionate advocate for social justice and the environment. Lyndsay currently serves as the federal policy representative for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, advocating for strong and effective public policies to reduce public health and environmental threats from toxic coal ash contamination, air pollution, and global warming. In 2005, Lyndsay helped launch the Sierra Club’s Environmental Partnerships Program’s faith initiative, working to build alliances between Sierra Club and communities of faith around energy and global warming, endangered species and habitat restoration, and ending mountaintop removal coal mining. Before joining Sierra Club, Lyndsay helped organize the 18-state Interfaith Climate and Energy Campaign for National Religious Partnership for the Environment and served as a researcher on faith-based environmental advocacy in Appalachia at the University of Tennessee Energy, Environment and Resources Center. Lyndsay also served Georgetown Community Church as a lay leader and then pastor of discipleship from 2003-2006.

Lyndsay is co-editor of Holy Ground: A Gathering of Voices on Caring for Creation (Sierra Club Books, Nov. 2008), and has authored or coauthored numerous other publications. She was named by Sojourners Magazine as one of ten “emerging leaders” for her work in the creation care movement, Lyndsay regularly speaks at conferences and leads workshops on faith, environmental stewardship and advocacy.

Lyndsay’s commitment to racial reconciliation began in an urban elementary school in East Tennessee, and was further brought along through the example and teaching of her parents to respect everyone, regardless of difference. Her passion for promoting racial understanding and reconciliation deepened as a seventeen-year old participant in the Youth Theological Initiative at Candler School of Theology, where Lyndsay began to understand the true nature of Christian community and the Apostle Paul’s call to all followers of Jesus to become ministers of reconciliation. While confronting racial prejudice was intuitive as a child, it has been a slow and step-wise journey into understanding the challenges of prejudice, privilege and the importance of relationships grounded in trust, truth-telling, forgiveness and love. Lyndsay served on the leadership team of Students for the Advancement of Race Relations during her time at UNC-Chapel Hill and participated in the development of Sierra Club’s diversity council.

Lyndsay holds a B.A. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, and a certificate in spiritual formation from Wesley Seminary. Lyndsay lives in Washington, DC where she attends Washington Community Fellowship Church.

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