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Realizing the Civil Rights Dream…

by Anna Hartge

Grace and Race Ministries,Inc.hosted a conversation with Dr. Kenneth B. Bedell to discuss his book, Realizing the Civil Rights Dream:Diagnosing and Treating American Racism. Rev. Jesse Jackson wrote the forward to the book. One thing is abundantly clear, racism is still alive. We must develop an understanding of the relevance of historical contexts, social, cultural, economic, and political institutions and practices in order to implement real strategies for change.

Dr. Bedell has now established a website to provide access to additional information, share new data, ideas and resources that will help to connect people interested in helping to overcome racism in america..

Click on to http://www.civilrightsdream.com when you have a moment and read his tribute to Rev. Jesse Jackson.

There is still work to do.

Stay tuned.

Brenda Girton-Mitchell

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