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Our Role as Thoughtful Christians

by Anna Hartge

The following article from the Thoughtful Christian provides food for thought for our ministry. What do you think?

Reading recent political blogs from the extremely conservative to the extremely liberal ones revealed that everyone seems appalled at how the other side treats them. Everyone identifies as a victim of the other side. There are pictures of outraged people screaming and shaking fists at innocent-looking people and verbal quotes that make one’s eyes cross. One thing is clear—no one appreciates being yelled at, much less misunderstood.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for passionate prophets doing outlandish things to call attention to grave wrongdoing. Jesus was not a smiling Christian all the time. He told off a fair number of people himself. Yet he also showed respect for everyone he met, from poor beggars to religious authorities trying to kill him. Read more. . .

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