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Words to Ponder

by Anna Hartge

Ambassador An authorized messenger or representative.

Grace (Greek, charis, Latin, gratia “favor,” “kindness”) Grace is the unmerited favor of God.

God’s grace is extended to sinful humanity in providing salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ that is not deserved, and withholding the judgment that is deserved. (Romans 3:24;Ephesians 1:7;Titus2:11).

Gracism The positive extension of favor on other humans based on color, class or culture. Gracism emerges when one combines the definition of racism which is negative, with the definition of grace, which is positive.

Gracist A person who exercises gracism.

Racism Incidental as well as systemic practices of discrimination, oppression, and domination based on race.

Reconciliation (Greek katallage, Latin reconciliatio, “bringing together again”)

Bringing together parties who are estranged. It is a key image of salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection (2 Cor. 5:16-21). Christians are to be reconciled with God and with others (Matt. 5:23-24)

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